Peter J.

My first strip relaxed me when I was getting anxious from a strain of cannabis! Taste is like
essential oils! I enjoy! When I tried with no cannabis I still felt relaxed and calming effects! ” If you are on the edge of deciding
to try cannabis or a daily consumer, these Entourage Strips are amazing. I consume daily and I took a strip before attending work. The strip made my work shift easier, I focus more clearly on my needs and dissipated the cloudiness of my high. All the internal
worries and anxiety was minimized and really made my high and consumption more enjoyable.

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Kristen D.

Entourage Strips are extremely delightful and relaxing. They are like the icing and sprinkles on the cake. An explosion of nature’s flavors
that helps ease your mind.

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John H.

I found them to be very mild, but still a very pleasant experience. I tried both prior to cannabis consumption and without consumption
and found a nice calming effect associated in a cerebral, I don’t want to say haze because it was no way near that impactful, but ease. Like a low dose Valium damn near. With cannabis it overwhelmed the flavor of the flower itself but I myself don’t get anxious
prior so if anything it made my regiment a less frequent one due to there being generally less pain per consumption with the strips.

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