Premium Relaxing Strips To Bring The Magic Back Into Your Cannabis UseThese small but powerful strips aim to relieve typical problems like over-stimulation, paranoia, and heightened anxiety which arise when smoking or ingesting your preferred herbal blend. All-natural and extracted from 100% non-cannabis sources, our product is legal for sale in all 50 states, and even legal for international sale.

Entourage Strips Take a bit of peace with you anywhere eliminate stress and anxiety

Entourage Strips

Are you commonly over-stimulated, stressed, or just need some help calming down? Does smoking or ingesting your herbal blend seem to make matters worse at times? Entourage Strips(Patent Pending) defeat this sometimes overwhelming problem with a fast acting and effective solution, all in a convenient package you can take anywhere.

We have worked with one of the top terpene research companies in the world to bring to you a formula that will lend a breath of fresh air. OUR strips are intended for use alongside YOUR standard cannabis routine. These small but powerful strips aim to reduce common problems like over-stimulation, paranoia, and heightened anxiety which arise when smoking or ingesting cannabis.

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Our Formulation

Aromatherapy began as a practice supported by anecdotal evidence; however, in recent years, a growing amount of scholarly evidence continuously finds links between the aromatic properties of certain compounds and various physiological effect. Today, aromatherapy is widely used as a supplementary practice to promote overall health and wellbeing, and most everyone has a personal anecdotal reference that can now be explained by our understanding of terpenes; think—hot bath with lavender, or cool mint on a warm day. Recent research has found that the signature “zing” of black pepper, for example, is also attributed to small amounts of the terpene beta-caryophyllene, a naturally occuring cannabinoid. Our formulation is compounded with the industry expertise of Ebyna, and rich in powerful terpenes like beta-caryophyllene and the like.

Terpene Strips help you relax by reducing anxious feelings from any Cannabis experience

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