How it Works

Thin-Film Strip

Thin-film Strips are absorbed sublingually, through the mucous membrane in the mouth.

Quick Absorpsion

The ingredients in the thin-film Strip to forego first-pass metabolism in the liver and become absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Fast Action

The ingredients are so rapidly appropriated by the body, the effects are much more consistent, and set on much more rapidly—usually within ~5 minutes.

Boost your mood - Stop Stress Instantly

About The Entourage Effect

The affects certain olfactory stimulants can cause when ingested in conjunction with certain complementary foods, liquids, or smoked goods has fairly recently been observed in a clinical setting, and termed “The Entourage Effect”. Simply put, The Entourage Effect describes the power of certain smells and tastes to illicit a certain desired emotional or physiological response. Delving a little deeper into the science here, we learn that most smells and tastes originate from certain molecular compounds called Terpenes, which produce smells like Pine or Lemon, and tastes like cinnamon, or “zest”. Thus, we formulate terpene compositions in ways and terpene combinations conducive to elicit the desired effects or relief, renewal, and relaxation when taken along with your preferred herbal blend.