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Promote a Peace Of Mind Entourage Strips relieve stress natural anxiety relief Naturally, Eliminate Stress & Anxiety

The First All-Natural Stress Relieving Strip Our Active Compounds Are 100% Botanically DerivedLegal in all 50 sates, these small but powerful strips aim to relieve anxiety when ingesting or smoking your preferred herbal blend. When taken alone our expertly crafted formula stops stress instantly.

Entourage Strips Take a bit of peace with you anywhere eliminate stress and anxiety

Entourage Strips

Are you commonly over-stimulated, stressed, or just need some help calming down? Does smoking or ingesting your herbal blend seem to make matters worse at times? We have worked with one of the top terpene research firms in the world to bring to you, Entourage Strips(Patent Pending). Defeat this sometimes overwhelming problem with a fast acting and effective solution, all in a convenient package you can take anywhere.

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Take a bit of peace with you anywhere

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Our Formulation

Aromatherapy began as a practice supported by anecdotal evidence; however, in recent years, a growing amount of scholarly evidence continuously finds links between the aromatic properties of certain compounds and various physiological effect. Today, aromatherapy is widely used as a supplementary practice to promote overall health and wellbeing, and most everyone has a personal anecdotal reference that can now be explained by our understanding of terpenes; think—hot bath with lavender, or cool mint on a warm day. Recent research has found that the signature “zing” of black pepper, for example, is also attributed to small amounts of the terpene beta-caryophyllene, a naturally occuring cannabinoid. Our formulation is compounded with the industry expertise of Ebyna, and rich in powerful terpenes like beta-caryophyllene and the like.

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